Professional programs

  • NEXIS, Scia Engineer

    programs for static, dynamic and stability analysis, enable linear and geometrically and physically nonlinear analysis of structures, using the rod, plate and shell elements
  • FINE

    set of programs for the upper structure assessment: Concrete 2D, concrete 3D, concrete segment, Burst, Masonry and Steel - fire
  • GEO

    set of programs for solving geotechnical problems: Gabion, Nailed slopes, Micro piles, Abutment, Feet, Sheeting check, Piles CPT, Piles, Settlement, Slope stability, Cantilever wall, Soil pressure
  • Plaxis

    This software system has been specially developed for deformation and stability analysis of geotechnical problems and is based on a numerical finite element method. It is a complex computer system that allows simulation of nonlinear soil behavior. It enables to model both the hydrostatic and hydrodynamic effects of water in soils and the interaction between structures (reinforcement, anchor, geotextile, wall, etc.) and soil.
  • RTbalken EXPERT

    rogram can perform static analysis and design of reinforced and prestressed concrete continuous beams. The reinforced concrete and prestressed beams are possible to design according to standards EN 1992-1-1, ČSN EN 1992-1-1, DIN EN 1992-1-1, DIN 1045-1, ÖNORM B 1992-1-1, BS EN 1992-1-1 and the appropriate national load codes EN 1990

    program is used to calculate the static single and multi-story, reinforced and prestressed concrete columns, respectively with linearly variable, polygonal cross-section with holes, and with any working diagrams of materials for concrete, reinforcement and prestressed reinforcement with iterative design of the ultimate limit state and the implicit consideration of deformation of the column and also taking into account the effective stiffness sections along the height of the column loaded with the slant or eccentric axial force

    program uses FEM to solve stress and deformation of excavations and the surrounding areas, taking into account all stages of construction. The program uses proven PLAXIS FEM solver which enables linear-elastic and elastic-plastic (Mohr-Coulomb) calculations

    is a program allowing non-linear structural analysis, using nonlinear material models considering all the important aspects of the behavior of concrete both in compression and pension. Cracking is controlled by nonlinear fracture mechanics (diagnostics of existing structures, numerical modeling of load tests, simulating the behavior of reinforced concrete structures with the ability to determine the location and time of crack propagation)